Social Impact Services

Social Impact Services is a company that exclusively helps organisations with social purpose to start up and grow so they can help more people.


We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Bid & Tender Writing

  • Evaluation

  • Business Planning

  • Consultancy

  • Marketing

  • Procurement


Social Impact Services is a socially conscious Business Development Agency that works with organisations that operate for the social good of others. We call this social value.

A lot is written about social value and what it means in practice. Social Impact Services believes that social value is generated when organisations develop goods, services or ideas that help people in our society to prosper and thrive, particularly those that are disadvantaged in anyway. 

Most people may automatically associate social value with charities. However, the truth is that many organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors provide social value. For example, care sector providers are often profit making. However, the fact is that without these services many vulnerable people would not receive the essential care they require in their homes. As such, these vital services provide social value just like the software company that develops apps for dementia suffers or childcare providers that help families work and keep children safe and educated. 

At Social Impact Services we firmly believe that social value organisations are the most effective mechanism of affecting social change. Our mission is to help social value organisations to grow so that they can help more people and the result is a fairer more equal society for all.

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