The Goddess Formula


We strongly believe that when women get together to support each other and actively guide each other through the maze of business (and relationships and in fact every other area of life!) amazingly positive things can happen both personally, professionally and societally.


This is one of the reasons we have founded The Goddess Formula. A UK based coaching and networking organisation for the promotion of global Feminine Power and success through sisterhood; a business women’s mentoring movement and a cumulative, quantitive research programme. It’s all about supporting, collating and sharing the experiences of inspiring, successful women from every walk of life and every creed and every culture. The ultimate goal being to isolate the core (and raw!) elements and common denominators amongst those women who are putting into action ‘The Goddess Formula’. Those who are mentally, physically, spiritually and financially fulfilled; those who are living in their light and operating at their peak and contributing at their most powerful to society’s wider good.



Lucy is Co-Founder of The Goddess Formula. She is a Business Motivator & Success Coach as well as a Technology Evangelist and CEO of the North Yorkshire based digital marketing agency SYSTEMYZED.

Lucy cut her teeth in the digital world when she founded (and later folded) an online women’s magazine (back when not many people knew what the term ‘online’ actually meant!) She has also worked in various roles at a senior level within corporate institutions in the City of London and in the charity sector. 
In recent years, Lucy has become a mother to three lively children under nine whilst consistently being at the forefront of the Women’s Interest charitable sector; having hosted and organised multiple fundraising events and charity galas contributing to raising tens of thousands of pounds for local women’s charities over a period of years.

Lucy is inspired by: Marianne Williamson


Georgina is Co-Founder of The Goddess Formula and Managing Director of Established Events Ltd. She is also a total ‘Sales Goddess’. Amongst other (ad)ventures Georgina has run her own London-based fine art consultancy;

she has spear-headed the operations and sales for a luxury South African Safari Resort and film set AND for a number of years she headed up a large, successful team in the sales department at Late Night London (Novus Leisure). Georgina absolutely LOVES winning new business and striking a deal. Her mission is to help other women succeed in business by sharing powerful tactics and tools to super-charge their sales and business development. She firmly believes in helping others and giving back. Over the years she has had amazing support and mentoring from some of the best sales people in the business and now is the time to return the LOVE.

Georgina is inspired by: Sheryl Sandberg


Laura Robertson is Social Media Manager at The Goddess Formula. She is an experienced Digital Concierge at SYSTEMYZED™, she is also a talented artist with her own creative business Laura Robertson Art.

Laura combines her artistic flair and creative mind with a ‘millenial’s’ naturally intuitive approach to the digital world. She brings charm and resourcefulness into her role with clients and the world alike. When challenged with a task she will find the best solutions as fast as possible. From Web Design & Development; Graphic Design; Social Media Strategy to specialist skills in Digital and Darkroom Photography – Laura is on hand to deal with support requests.

Laura has a business like-mind and the heart of an entrepreneur. She loves to think tactically and approach challenges head-on… always with a smile fit for customer service. 

Laura is inspired by: Vivienne Westwood


Kate Kelly is Design Consultant at The Goddess Formula. She is a Yorkshire-born graphic designer and works with Lucy at SYSTEMYZED™ with a zest for all things design and works as a freelancer at KatKel.

Kate is a true virtuoso who has indulged in creative passions from a young age: including craft, design and music. Her creative eye is never off duty – approaching any visual challenge with ambition and enthusiasm. Kate’s cultivated and detail-oriented approach to working means that she is always happy to take on any task and see it through to the end: ensuring quality throughout.

From digital illustration to typography, web design to photo-editing and with expert skills in colour management and colour theory – Kate is willing to tackle all creative problems no matter the vision.

Kate is inspired by: Paula Scher


Amanda Clark is a Communications Strategist at The Goddess Formula. With three years working as a Communications Consultant and Event Planner for a provincial government and an Honours BA in English Literature, Amanda is an experienced writer and avid reader. From writing press releases to social media content, speeches and promotional material, Amanda loves using her creativity to support women and advance gender equality. She is always up for a creative challenge and enjoys working with and learning from individuals who are pursuing their life’s passions. Amanda believes in the importance of storytelling as a powerful tool for change and loves to highlight women’s success stories in business, life and history.

Amanda is inspired by: Inez Milholland


Monica Green is a digital intern with The Goddess Formula and SYSTEMYZED®, taking a year out from her studies at the University of Leeds to gain some real world professional experience.

As a writer for The Tab Leeds, Monica developed her flair for writing pieces that appeal to a student audience, bringing a youthful and often tongue in cheek edge to her work. She thrives working in a team, bouncing ideas off peers to create something original and is not afraid of stepping things up a gear to give her content a memorable twist.

Monica values the importance of storytelling, and uses techniques that bring experience to life, reaching out to her readers with an authentic voice. With an eye for the right image and visuals, Monica knows there is more to good content than simply the words on the page and her social media savvy ensures it reaches the right people.

Inspiration: Farrah Storr


Andy Simpson