Tribe Workspace Code of Conduct

To create a positive and safe environment, we've outlined a code of conduct for all members who use the Tribe York space. This includes not only the use of communal desk space but also the use of meeting rooms and the participation (either as an attendee or an organiser) of any events taking place on the Tribe York premises.


Tribe is a working space based in York City Centre for people who are starting up or running their own businesses and need office space on either a flexible or dedicated basis.

Expected behaviour

By respecting the Tribe work space and each other, you can benefit from a great working environment plus also contribute to the success of Tribe York community. As such we would ask that you please:

  • Leave desks, break-out areas and meeting rooms as you found them

  • Try and avoid smelly food

  • Wash up your own glasses, mugs, plates and any other kitchenware in the communal kitchen.

  • The doors to the premises will be locked after 5.15 as you must have vacated the premises by this point.

  • Do not do anything illegal on the premises, we won't bail you out of prison

  • Refrain from abusive, discriminatory, harassing, intimidating, sexist or derogatory behaviour and speech towards all other members or Tribe York staff

  • Be mindful of those around you. If you witness unacceptable behaviour (of any degree) or someone in distress, help if you can or report it to a member of staff

Use of facilities

  • Door codes are for your safety, ours and that of the other tenants of the building; they remain the property of Tribe York and must be kept in the strictest confidence. Anyone that shares door codes with non members will have their memberships immediately terminated.

  • Everyone must sign in and out of the space upon entry and exit from the building using the signing in sheet located within the front door.

  • The CVS reception will welcome any guests but you must escort them from the reception to the Tribe York office and remain with them throughout the duration of their time in the premises.

  • Locker keys remain the property of the Tribe York and must be returned on the final day of the membership subscription period, failure to do so will result in a £15 charge

  • Appropriate use of the internet is expected. Anyone viewing harmful, explicit or offensive content will be asked to leave the co-working space and shall have their memberships immediately terminated.