Tribe Premium Membership
from 100.00 every month

Premium Membership Includes:

  • A dedicated desk in our newly refurbished, city centre workspace

  • Free tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit

  • Free listings on Tribe website

  • Promotion through Tribe social media channels

  • Priority access to all of our Tribe Talk events

  • Free access to masterclasses

  • Monthly networking and social activities

  • Business mentoring

  • Opportunities to pitch to investors

  • Discounts on business development services like marketing, web design, business planning, service design support.

  • Welcome pack

How Premium Membership Works

Premium Memberships work on a subscription basis which renews each month. Members pay for their membership monthly in advance. One person can sign up for one, two or three seats in the Tribe workspace so small teams can all sign up under one subscription.

Payments are taken automatically through our website payment processor (Stripe) and once you have signed up you can use the space the same day. You will be able to create a Tribe Account on our website which allows you to change modify or cancel your subscription.

You are free to cancel at any time. However, please note that Tribe York does not offer partial refunds for members that cancel their subscription part way through their paid month.

How many seats would you like:
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Premium not right for you?

Try our Hot Desk option